Demingfu won the bid of cummins power automatic production line again

Column:Enterprise News Time:2019-05-07

In the blooming season of flowers and willows, demingfu received a big Spring Festival gift: winning the contract of cummins power HHP assembly line project! After several rounds of bidding, several adjustments, patient waiting, the customer finally hammer, good news spread thousands of miles!


The winning of cummins power "HHP unit assembly line" project (second line), is the complete 2018 "MR/HD unit assembly line" project (a line), my company to undertake the second production line of the company total package project, the project is for a large diesel generator set assembly construction of a multistep automated assembly line, compared with the products of the "one line" both in terms of volume and weight increase many, product delivery difficulty also bigger.During the bidding process of this project, we carefully read and responded to the technical requirements of the customer, and formulated three technical solutions of delivery forms for the customer to choose.Perfect design, comprehensive consideration, the guarantee of strength, finally won the customer's approval.

This project includes the production line infrastructure construction, the production line transmission line mechanical equipment, the distribution system, the electrical control system, the ANDON system, the production line auxiliary facilities and other specialized subsystems.

At present, the company's elite and powerful personnel have all entered the role, the work is tense and orderly, we have the confidence to complete the cummins "second line" construction project, to provide customers with more efficient intelligent production lines and better service, continuously create value for customers!